If you’re already registered with this website, please log in above. (Note: if you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password” feature near the log-in area and a temporary password will be sent to you).

2 Actions Required to Register for the Website and PSA Membership

ACTION 1: You must start paying dues.

To start paying dues and get access to the website, please send an email (similar to the one below) to:  Veronica Hernandez,; Gracie Valenzuela,; William Thornburg,; Hilda Romo,

Dear Payroll:
I hereby request that you please deduct dues from my pay for my membership in the Professional Salaried Association.
Thank you.
(add your name)

Once these PSA officers and the Payroll officials receive your email to pay dues, we’ll grant your application to use the PSA website. Please note, you must continue paying dues to retain your website access (For questions about use of the website, please contact Hilda Romo, PSA Vice President).

DUES: Members pay $10 each pay period (a total of $260 a year). Your PSA dues are automatically deducted by IID’s Payroll Section, making it convenient to keep your membership current.

ACTION 2: Register with the website.

You must register through this website. (This means all members, even if you are currently paying dues. No access can be automatically granted. Everyone must register). You will be notified by the website through email that your membership application has been received and a temporary password will be send to you..

Complete the Membership Application form by clicking here:

Benefits of PSA Membership

As a dues-paying member, you can:

  • Vote for PSA board members (your representatives)
  • Run for PSA board positions
  • Nominate and/or sign petitions for members who run for board positions
  • Vote on labor agreements with IID
  • Provide input to improve your salary/benefits
  • Provide input to improve policies that govern your workplace
  • Provide input to improve PSA during general membership meetings
  • Receive PSA updates
  • Access PSA website and services
  • Qualify for scholarships for your graduating high school dependent who attend a trade school, college, or university
  • Qualify for scholarships for PSA members
  • Participate in committees to make your association stronger
  • Participate in training opportunities

Legal Services

As a dues-paying member of PSA, you qualify for:

  • FREE legal consultation on any employee/employer issues
  • FREE legal representation if you need to meet informally with management on any new issue about your employment
  • FREE legal representation through the IID grievance process
  • FREE legal consultation on any personal legal issue
  • Special member-only rates for legal representation if your legal claims against IID require litigation
  • Special member-only rates for legal representation on any personal issue

NOTE: If you have any issue that you’d like legal assistance, you will need an AUTHORIZATION CODE to begin the process. To start, please first contact PSA President, William Thornburg at   1-760-791-7890 or send him an email at: He will put you in touch with the attorney best suited to help you. To receive these services, however, you will need to be a dues-paying member of PSA.