About Us

The Professional & Salaried Association is a recognized bargaining unit of the Imperial Irrigation District. As a collective bargaining unit, PSA represents more than 300 IID employees who work in professional and/or salaried job classifications.

PSA also serves as a membership organization, in that certain privileges are afforded only to dues-paying members. As of January 2014, the number of dues-paying members was about 220.

In brief, PSA exists to:

  • Negotiate labor agreements with IID on behalf of employees in the bargaining unit.
  • Provide representation for members on labor issues.
  • Promote the advancement of professional and salaried employees.

The association is governed by a five-member board of directors who are elected at-large by PSA’s dues-paying members. Board positions include: president, vice president, relations chair, secretary and treasurer.

The PSA represents, and seeks on behalf of the membership, fair and equitable wages and benefits. In addition, the PSA seeks to improve the working environment through the use of its educational and professional skill sets across the district. In addition, the PSA is an advocate for fostering and maintaining relations with employees, the district, and the community.

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The Professional & Salaried Association was established as a labor organization by a vote of the membership and the signing of bylaws on April 19, 2004. The PSA membership consists of Imperial Irrigation District professional and salaried employees.